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At Sylphine, any males used in our breeding program, whether it is one of my males or a male used from another breeder, have exceptional lines. Their pedigrees are researched thoroughly and also utmost consideration is taken on health and their overall good whippy looks while retaining excellent breed type.  All of my whippets spend their days either running around in the garden, on the dog couch or in a secure outdoor run between their walks.

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Ziggivane Crown Royale

Roland is a well-bred boy with many of the top show whippets in his pedigree.  He is a beautiful male with a gentle, kind nature.  He loves dogs of all sizes and shapes and even my cats!!  He is too busy striking the 'Brindle Steel' pose and letting everyone appreciate he's really, really good looking to realise he's a whippet! He is from show lines.



Afanbull Whiskey On Ice - RETIRED

Nigel has retired with his icy eyes and general good looks to a permanent couch position.  He has a super temperament and excellent construction.  He gets on well with everyone. He is a serial snuggler, so be warned. Nigel is from working lines.

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